4 More Red Flags (you may need a better brand)


Whether you’re part of a small business or a massive corporation, a brand is nothing without a good story to give it life. Last time on the blog we asked you if you thought your business’s Brand Story was good enough. We even gave you the chance to run an exercise to double check with your team on the clarity and consistency of your brand message. This exercise is a great way to make sure your perception of your brand is indeed reality: the highest of the red flags to look for when you assess the lay of the land, so to speak.

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We’ve got some other red flags you can watch out for too.
Here are four more reasons to take a fresh look at your brand message. Which one speaks to you?

1. AGE: When is the last time you freshened up?

Time flies especially in the digital landscape. Perhaps your brand message hasn’t changed, but the demographic (age, income, gender, race) of your audience has and they can smell your old, outdated brand from a mile away. Plan on a closer race with your competitors than you’d like. Or widen the gap by getting to know your current audience and their needs. We can’t repeat it enough: your people will respond to a thoughtful, easy to understand brand proposition as long as it solves their problem. Bonus points if it looks great too. Sometimes that alone is enough to grab more leads.

2. COST: You're about to invest in a digital marketing service

Are you about to embark on a new email campaign? Do you plan to bring on a marketing automation platform? Looking to redo your website along with SEO? It’s super nice of you to invite a bunch of people over for dinner, but you better have a delicious meal for them, and your house better be in order. In other words, what’s the point of spending all that time, energy, and cash if you don’t have the right brand message waiting for your people when they get there?


3. STREET CRED: It's not just your customers or clients who are watching you

Whether you are on your own or you’re with a more established company, people are watching you. The competition, your potential employees, ex-employees, potential partners, people in your community, and other consultants with whom you may want to network at some point. If you’re in this for the long haul, you have to maintain your depth: consider and impress all of the players you want on the team now and ten years from now.



What? Am I just running out of tips? For real, a branding initiative is a great way to ignite a much-needed fire within an unenthusiastic corporate culture and bring your company back together under one flag.

After all of the branding initiatives in which I’ve been involved over the years, my team always requested feedback from the stakeholders. We asked for as much feedback as possible and we got it: people loved it. They felt part of something, felt invested in the company: sometimes a place to which they devoted a majority of their lives. They were proud to share the new brand with their customers, friends and family. They were invigorated with a clear message to stand by.

Furthermore, you need all sorts of different personality types to make a brand come alive: dreamers, realists, pragmatic doers, creatives. A brand refresh is a great opportunity to tap into the real potential of your people, and get them excited again. Watching it all come together is a beautiful thing.

So, which one of these flags do you struggle with most?

Send us a quick email, and we'll write more posts about what you can do to overcome the struggle and tell a better story. Next time, we'll walk a little deeper into current corporate culture, Millennial sensitivity, Baby Boomer work ethic, and how it all ties into your brand story.


Did you miss last week’s Brand Story Diagnosis exercise? 

  • You gather your team and ask them four questions.

  • They write down four answers.

  • You discuss those answers.

Easy right? These answers will give focus to the underlying problem in your story, so that you can finally battle it like the lightsaber-wielding badass that you are. 
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James Pellizzi