Welcome to the Neighborhood


Strange Trails is a mixture of an anthem and a partnership. It's the story of two people who want to give businesses access to a better branding process without all the agency overhead, excessive costs, and never-ending timelines.

It's right-brain meets left-brain. It’s creative dreamer meets analytical planner. And it’s a good place to start (or re-start), no matter how long you've been in business.

Do any of the following emotional or business symptoms sound familiar?

Your business is stuck, plateaued, slipping. There’s a lack of growth. There’s a dip in motivation. You keep attracting the wrong prospects and dealing with the wrong type of clients. The relationship with your good customers or clients is lackluster. You’re not earning solid testimonials or, worse, getting poor feedback. Internal communication is thin at best. You’re overwhelmed with work. There’s a drop in accountability.

At best, you’re feeling meh. At worst, there’s a disaster looming in the distance.

If you’re feeling the pain, your business may benefit from taking a healthy little walk down the strange trail.

Strange simply means unfamiliar and unusual, rare and extraordinary. Strange is intriguing, a curiosity. What if you were to observe your own business with more curiosity? And define your unique position with more rarity? It's eye-opening what you can discover when you step off the straight and narrow for a hot minute.

To become extraordinary, Strange needs a path, a structure, and a destination. Branding should NOT be scary or confusing or frustrating. The process should be captivating, easy to navigate, and even—gasp—fun! While our branding process is based on traditional, timeless marketing methods, we’ve added some twists to our not-so-conventional brand workshops to pull you away from the interstate corridor and onto the trail-less-traveled so you can breath and explore.

Don’t worry, we safely guide you so you have the courage to be more curious and the resources to find your better Brand Story.

What’s that about a Brand Story?

We’ll get back to that next time. But until then, do us a favor. When you can carve out a few hours for yourself tonight, put on one of your favorite TV shows or top five movies, or crack open one of your beloved books.

There’s nothing like ending the day with a great story.

Katie Robleski