How deep is the cut? Is that a bone sticking out? Do we have the right supplies to fix it? Is it infected? Is it spreading? Do we just cut off the leg? HELP!!


Strange Trails Brand Workshops

You and your team are walking happily along your own trail when suddenly you realize something’s wrong. Your brand is hurt. Poor client or customer engagement? Boring marketing messages? Lackluster logo and design?

The injury is holding your business back from making any progress on this trail to profits and success.

It's bad, isn't it?

Even though you know something’s wrong, you don’t know how bad it really is. Or how to fix it.

Strange Trails Rescue Team is on it!

We help your team triage the situation, so you can fully diagnose and even prioritize the root of the injury. We help you find the meds, the supplies, the tools you need to fix it. We even show you how you can avoid the injury in the future.

Sounds good, where do I sign?

Currently, we offer three types of workshops to better serve our clients’ range of branding challenges.


Brand First Aid Kit

Rapid health assessment to fix brand surface wounds

What We Do: We meet and ask you pointed questions about your current brand and marketing landscape.

What You Get: You’ll get a high-level diagnosis: a short document of recommendations, plus a prescription of potential quick wins that you can implement right away.

WARNING: If we find any internal bleeding, you may need to upgrade to additional workshops to discover a more in-depth, long term solution to the greater injury.


Brand Experience Journey

In-depth team exercise to re-imagine and improve the health of your customer, client, or staff experience with your organization.

What We Do: We create a multi-dimensional map of your audience’s chronological, step-by-step decision journey from before they know your business all the way through becoming an advocate for your business.

What You Get: With the map, you’ll get organizational insights and brand/marketing recommendations, from quick wins to long term endeavors, to improve your audience engagement.


Brand Health Retreat

In-depth team experience to assess and fix brand injuries

What We Do: We run your team through several exercises in order to gather a much more thorough diagnosis of where your brand and marketing strategy needs the most help.

What You Get: You’ll get boat loads of cultural insights, a juicy document of recommendations, PLUS a refreshed brand: the story your audience MUST hear before they decide to work with you.


A lA CART & Add-Ons

We also provide a la cart or add-on services depending on your specific brand and company needs, such as:

  • Refreshed visual branding (including logo)
  • Product/service improvement guidance
  • Marketing and brand copywriting
  • Digital Marketing /Social Media strategy & implementation

Which one fits your needs right now?

You probably know the difference between a slice to the leg and a full-on code red, but you might not know the difference between a brand hiccup and a brand emergency. Never fear, we can help! Just tell us a little about what keeps you up at night. We can help you make the right decision.